About My Art


I was born in Glasgow and I have always had a passion for drawing and painting.   The opportunity to study at Glasgow School of Art from 2003 – 2006 (part time and summer school) was inspirational.  I have been a professional artist since 2007 and I work from my studio on the south side of Glasgow.  Please contact me if you would like to visit.


It is an artist’s dream to live near the islands of the west coast of Scotland.  I love to visit the Hebridean Islands where beaches are nothing short of spectacular. The colours are amazing and I try to capture the beauty in my paintings using a vivid palette and texture.


I am inspired by the wildflowers in nature and pretty flowers in favourite vases.  I am always attracted by the colours and pattern in nature .  I enjoy presenting my still life paintings of flowers in vases.  


People often ask me about my use of colour.   I work in oil paint and like the drying time of this medium, which gives time to mix and blend colours.  I don’t often use pure colour.  Instead, I like to mix colours together on the palette, often enjoying the surprise of colour blending.   


These are my favourite themes: Seascapes; Cottages and Farmhouses; Vases of Flowers and Wildflowers and Garden Paintings.


I enjoy working on a range of canvas sizes – from tiny unframed canvas boards – to large canvases measuring 75 x 75cm. My prices range from £160 for small unframed canvases up to £1,700 for large paintings. One of my popular sizes is 30 x 30cm canvas size (framed 45 x 45cm). This size is £450. 

COMMISSIONED PAINTINGS I always enjoy when people ask me to paint a particular scene. I have painted wedding venues, holiday cottages, favourite beaches, special places and wedding bouquets.   Please ask if you have any ideas.

GICLEE ART PRINTS and GREETINGS CARDS  Many of my paintings are available as Giclee Art Prints. The Giclee printing process produces a high quality reproduction of the original painting on acid free paper.  All of my prints are signed by me and the titles are hand written.  Giclee Prints and Greetings cards can be purchased direct from the website. 


I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have bought my original art and/or my giclee prints.  I love being an artist and greatly appreciate the support from all the people who like what I create.   


I understand buying art TODAY may not be something you are ready for right this second, but if you like what you see, why not keep in touch. If you would like to join my mailing list - please message MAILING LIST to sheila-fowler@hotmail.co.uk  You will get a gentle arty newsletter about once a month and preview access to new paintings.